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TRG supports your efforts, from developing the charter application, to securing a building, to hiring staff, and ensuring governmental compliance.

TRG Combines Business + Educational Expertise to Open and Operate Charter Schools.

Whether you’re pre-operational or open and pursuing continual improvement, The Romine Group supports you in achieving educational excellence.

Our pre-operational services include hands-on support in:

  • Conducting community meetings with parents, leaders and educators to understand what they want in a school
  • Developing an exhaustive charter application — a monstrous document detailing your educational program, budget, curriculum, governance structure, etc.
  • Locating a site, planning renovations or preparing for new construction
  • Identifying an administrator and creating a highly effective educational team
  • Applying for a charter school startup grant

Our operational services following receipt of a charter include:

  • Securing startup funds
  • Overseeing renovation or construction
  • Purchasing books, technology, supplies, and materials
  • Hiring and training leaders and staff
  • Marketing and recruitment of students
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Supporting continual improvement in educational offerings and achievement
Bottom line: Starting and operating a school requires educational excellence and business acumen. The Romine Group gives you both.