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2016-2017 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee

On March 17, 2017, the Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee will be held. Click for details

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2014-2015 Outstanding Academic Achievement

The Romine Group would like to recognize the following graduating seniors for outstanding academic achievement at their respective schools Read More

2015 State Spelling Bee Results

2015 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee Results Read More
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It takes a team of experts to complete the intensive process of starting a charter school. TRG is your team.

Start A School

Secure the Support and Expertise You Need to Start a Charter School

The Romine Group supports educators, parents, and communities in making their vision for excellent schools a reality

Starting a new charter school is a monumental feat. 

To submit a charter application, you’ll need mountains of paperwork:

  • a detailed curriculum;
  • a fine-tuned operational structure;
  • a well-developed budget;
  • a leadership plan, etc.

When it’s done, the application will fill the largest three-ring binder you can buy.  Sometimes two.

Once you receive a charter to open, you’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure a building, renovate it, hire staff, order books, technology and supplies …

At The Romine Group, we give you the expertise, support, systems, structure and financial wherewithal to bring your school to reality. 

We know extraordinary education.  We’ll help you create it for your children.