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2016-2017 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee

On March 17, 2017, the Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee will be held. Click for details

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2014-2015 Outstanding Academic Achievement

The Romine Group would like to recognize the following graduating seniors for outstanding academic achievement at their respective schools Read More

2015 State Spelling Bee Results

2015 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee Results Read More
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Our team exists to support students, parents, communities and educators in the pursuit of educational excellence.

TRG Staff


TRG Leaders Support Schools in Achieving Extraordinary Education

John Romine, Founder & Chairman of the Board

An educational leader for four decades, John is one of the founding fathers of Michigan’s charter public schools movement.

Paul Romine, President/CEO

Paul sets the vision, builds the team, and answers appeals from across the nation for partnerships in starting and supporting high-quality schools.

Will Kneer, Senior Vice President

Will is the driving force in bringing new schools to fruition, as planned, on time, and in budget.  He helps existing schools stay on track operationally and fiscally.

Kimberly Romine, Director of People Services

Kim ensures employees throughout the TRG family of schools have the processes and structure they need to be highly effective and personally rewarded.

Tammy Visger, Director of Food Services and After School Programs

Tammy administers the food service program in each school. Her job is to supply our students with high standard meals with emphasis on menu appeal and nutritional value. She keeps the program in compliance with state and federal procedures and policies.

Philip Maurey, Director of Technology

Phil ensures the entire team, including teachers, parents and students, can take advantage of the best technology to accelerate learning.

Dan Schluckbier, Director of Education

Dan is the quality-school expert, setting the path for continual improvement and adoption of proven practices that advance achievement.

Heather Waters, Director of Restricted Funds

Heather works directly with school leaders to apply for and manage restricted funds from both state and federal sources. She ensures that all funds are distributed accurately and ensures that we remain in compliance with regulations throughout the process.

Greg Lathrop, Vice President of Operations

Greg is the expert of facilities, including financing, renovation, construction, maintenance, and expansion.

Steve Paddock, Director of Compliance

Steve is the guru of regulation, supporting schools in the endless, complex world of meeting state and federal requirements.

Angela Romanowski, Director of School Programs & Development

Angela is the superhero of achievement, helping educators create the programs and lessons that help students excel.

John Weir, Chief Financial Officer

John is the financial guy, keeping the organization on track in the complex world of state and federal funding.  He leads the way in ensuring today’s and tomorrow’s fiscal obligations are met.

Janice Nowak, School Bookkeeper

Janice supports The Romine Group behind the scenes so the visible work of supporting students, teachers and families goes uninterrupted.


Cait Weir, Accounting & HR Assistant

Cait supports The Romine Group behind the scenes so the visible work of supporting students, teachers and families goes uninterrupted.