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2016-2017 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee

On March 17, 2017, the Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee will be held. Click for details

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2014-2015 Outstanding Academic Achievement

The Romine Group would like to recognize the following graduating seniors for outstanding academic achievement at their respective schools Read More

2015 State Spelling Bee Results

2015 Michigan Charter School State Spelling Bee Results Read More
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Educators at TRG Schools view academic excellence as a requirement for every child.

Select Standards

TRG Schools Uphold Higher Standards to Accelerate Achievement & Student Development

“Select Standards” guide school leaders, teachers in use of best practices for operational excellence

At schools served by The Romine Group, educators are obsessed with extraordinary education.  We continuously seek best practices, including through 12 “Select Standards” we all share.  Examples of those standards include:

  1. Mission and vision.  Striving for excellence is a given. Beyond that, each school advances chosen concepts such as character, value, artistry, diversity, etc.
  2. 21st century learning objectives.  We review and update objectives for every lesson, so everything we do is relevant in tomorrow’s world.
  3. Assessments.  Are children making progress?  What specific concepts have they mastered … or not?  If they’re not “getting it,” why not?  We measure.  Evaluate.  Adapt. Then we start the process again. 
  4. Research-based instructional practices.  Education is an amazing science.  Research emerges constantly that can improve instructional strategies, classroom management, and curriculum design.  We keep up, so students achieve more.
  5. Remediation and enrichment.  Every student should have an individualized learning plan tailored to his or her strengths and challenges.  Our lessons, assistance and programs proactively take all children forward.
  6. Professional development.  Educational practices evolve swiftly, so we make high-quality professional development a priority.  Our teams study with some of the greatest, most energized, most inspiring leaders in education.

The Select Standards are supported by corporate staff at The Romine Group.  It’s one of the ways TRG combines business practices with the pursuit of educational excellence.